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Society overview :Purpose of establishment and activity summary

The objective of the Kantoh Sociological Society (KSS) is to encourage mutual cooperation and research by its members, consisting of researchers in sociology and related fields from the Kanto region and across Japan.
The Society was established on September 27, 1952 as the Kanto branch of the Japan Sociological Society (JSS). While the activities of the JSS focused chiefly on free reports, the KSS was established as an organization to carry out active discussion in symposia, subcommittees on specific themes, and other venues. Later, as regional societies were established successively in numerous other regions, the KSS revised its charter in 1982 to become an organization independent from the JSS, managed chiefly by an elected board.

Activity summary
  1. Holding annual conferences and research meetings
  2. Issuing the Society bulletin and other publications
  3. Holding seminars and forming informal research organizations
  4. Exchanging research findings and mutual communication
  5. Other activities as needed